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Mind Dots Software Systems is a privately registered company, offer custom IT solutions to startup and small and mid size enterprise. We pioneer in developing web & mobile application and enterprise application



We offer Product Engineering services, which includes Firmware, Device Driver Development, Application Software Development (Desktop, Web, Smartphone & Smart TV) and Enterprise Application

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MindPulpy (Free Android Application Development), Mangomelons, MindHealth & MindMedia


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    1)We design & develop Embedded software, Desktop, Web, Mobile & Smart TV application development. We also provide independent Testing services

    2)Our Design & Development Tools: Sketch/ Wireframes: Pencil, Project Management: OpenProject, QA & Testing: Mantis/ Bugzilla, Coding Management: BitBucket, Documentation:Doxygen

    3)Business Models are: Time & Material, Fixed Cost, Dedicated Resources and Joint Product Development.

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