We write highly optimized software on various micro controller, which process the incoming signal from sensors/ other inputs and sends the output to LCD/ LED output or it send as input to motor/ actuators

GUI Software

We develop interface software (MMI / HMI) over desktop OS (Windows/ Linux/ Embedded OS) to control the hardware and collect and present the result


Using Labview we develop measurement or control application in dramatically less time

Communication Protocols

Serial (Rs 232, RS485), USB, Parallel, SPI, I2C and Wireless Protocols

Single Board Computer

Single Board computer is a low cost computer, used for specific application. We have experience in developing application using Arduino, Beagle Board and Raspberry pi

Device Driver

We Develop Device Driver over Windows & Linux OS


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Domain Focus

1)Analytical laboratory instruments

2)scientific instruments

3)Medical Instruments

4)Automotive & In-Vehicle Infotainment

5)Home Automation

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