Mobile Apps

Native, Hybrid, HTML5


We develop MMI / HMI software on smart phones for the Instruments. The software primarily monitor and control the instruments Eg: Controlling gas and displaying the results

Home Automation

User Convenience is the key in Home Automation space, we develop smart phone application which can monitor & control connected devices in the Personal Area Network (PAN)


Mobile Health/ M-Health, We build Mobile Health applications for Hospitals, Health Care Information Portals/ EMR and remote patient monitoring devices

Consumer Internet

Mind Dots has deep experience in consumer internet business, Mind Dots helps consumer internet companies to develop smart phone application with aesthetic UI.



Mind Dots helps small & medium enterprises to build & extend enterprise application on smart phone Eg: CRM, Sales Force Automation, Event Management,Leaves Management and Data Collection etc.


Flow Diagram

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Case Studies

1)Mangomelons extend consumer web application to other devices (Smart Phone & Smart TV) with few lines of Integration

2}MindHealth- SaaA based EMR software for Clinics & Multi-Speciality hospitals

3)MindMedia- Native Android Application, using the user can control DLNA based media server & player with in the network (Wi-Fi / Bluetooth)

4)We have built m-commerce based mobile applications

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