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Take your web app to Smart Phone, Smart TV and connected devices using Mind Pulpy

Mind Pulpy

Free Android Apps Development. Integrating with our platform as simple as that

Mind Pulpy

Pick Mobile & Smart TV Template of your choice. Getting into smart device with out coding


Mind Pulpy takes internet products to smart devices (Mobile, TV and connected devices) with few simple steps.

Mind Pulpy is a scalable J2EE Platform, which is tightley coupled with Smart Phone, TV and connected devices.

  • Pay as you go
  • Zero Entry barrier to get into new devices/ form factor
  • Integrate with your server, choose UI and go live

Mind Pulpy provides the flexibility to the web app owner & developers to customize the look and feel of the mobile & TV User Interface and at the end of integration process, Mind Pulpy provides Binary file for each OS and devices, which you can freely upload to the respective app store.


We take your web app to Android, IOS and Windows phones.

Smart TV

Currently we support Samsung, LG, Philips and Toshiba.

Connected Devices

HUD, Smart Watch, Game Console, in vehicle infotainment and weareable devices* [We are Working on it].



$0 per month

  • Android OS
  • Ads Free/ No Ads
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$50.00 per month

  • Android OS
  • IOS
  • Windows
  • Developer API
  • Push Messaging
  • App store submission*
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$75.00 per month

  • Android OS
  • IOS
  • Windows
  • Smart TV - LG, Samsung & Open Smart TV
  • Push Messaging
  • Developer API
  • Analytics
  • App store submission*
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$99.99 per month

  • Android OS
  • IOS
  • Windows
  • Smart TV - LG, Samsung & Open Smart TV
  • Developer API
  • Push Messaging
  • App store submission*
  • Custom UI & UX
  • Analytics
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**Currently we are accepting only for free plan, however please do not hesitate to contact our sales team to explore other plans

*App store submission: 25 USD one time set up Google Play, 99 USD/ year for itunes and 99 USD for Windows app store. Mind Dots will charge 5 USD per app store submission of your choice, such as Google Play, itunes, Windows, Samsung, LG, Blackberry, Opera and Getjar.

Mind Dots do not gurantee approval of apps in Google Play or Apple app store. Mind will refund the app store submission fee, if it not approved.

50$ charged as one time set-up for the above plans

Do you provide refunds?

You may cancel your Mind Pulpy subscription at any point of time. If you do this more than ten days in advance of your next billing period, your next subscription fee will not be applied. Mind Dots does not currently provide refunds on transactions that have already taken place.

So I can develop my web apps into mobile and smart tv apps, all the way to production for no charge at all?

Yes. We think that web app owner should be able to enjoy the full benefit of the Mind Pulpy development cycle without spending time in development. We want to see as many apps published on the Mind Pulpy platform as you have ideas.



Native & Hybrid Android Apps


Hybrid HTML5 Application for IOS

LG Smart TV

Smart TV Apps for LG, Toshiba & Philips


Samsung Smart TV Apps


Windows, IPAD and Android Tablet

Click here for Templates & Gallery (Coming Soon)

How it works

How It Works

Mind Puly integrates your web services (RESTful/ SOAP) with Mind Pulpy platform and provides Mind Pulpy native clients for various devices (Mobile , TV and connected devices).

Web Applications--------------------------->
Distribute App to app stores (Google Play, ITunes, Samsung, LG, Windows...)

Registration Process

1 Choose Plan & Sign -up with us

2 Log-in with the secured credentials

3 Do the Integration through web based user interface, by providing Input, output and API details.

4 Choose the Mobile and TV Templates and modify the look and feel, Color, label and logo if you wish

5 Click Finish, you will be provided with Object code for various OS and devices


  • Easy to Integrate
  • Clutter less UI
  • Fast to Market


Our platform supports following verticals.


Property/ Real-estate


Deals/ Coupons

Job/ Career

Hotel Booking


Hospital/ Clinic/ salons /Automobile Maintenance

Food Ordering/ Table Booking

Online Food Ordering & Table Booking.

Matrimonial/ Dating

Matrimony / Dating/ Networking

Movie Ticket Booking

Event Bookings

Event Booking, Amusemsent Park & Museum.

Travel Ticket Booking

Bus, Train and Air Ticket Booking.

Online Reviews

Reviews for Electronics/ Home Appliances/ Brands

Automobile Buy/ Sell

Car and Two-wheeler buy and sell.

Car Rental/ Taxi Booking

Car Rental and Taxi Booking.

Bill Pay

Electricity/ Telephone, Pre/ Post-paid.

DVD Rental

Movies, Music & Games

Many More...

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Durga: API, Webservices Protocol,
Suseendran: WearablesVaralakshmi: Mobile UI, App GalleriesNagaraju: Mobile UI Tools, Smart TVConsultants

Demo Request/ Customer Support

Mind Dots Software Systems Pvt Ltd • Maruthi Nagar, BTM 1st Stage • Bangalore • Email: sales@minddotss.com