Tech Portfolio

Hardware & Software


Languages: C, C++, Assembly, C#, Java, PHP

Web Technologies

Web Technologies : J2EE, Dot Net & PHP, XML & Webservices (Restful & SOAP)

SmartPhone & TV

Java Script, CSS & HTML

Front End & Database

Front End: Java Script, HTML5, CSS3, Jquery and
other UI Frameworks (Twitter Bootstrap)
Database: MySql & MsSql Server


Languages: C, C++, Assembly language
MCU: X86, ARM, Atmel, TI, Micro controller, DSP
Communication Port: Serial / Parallel Protocols: Wired (Ethernet) & Wireless Protocol (BT LE, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi) and Industrial Ntworking Protocol Application Protocols HL7 & DICOM Tools: Labview & EDA Tools

Operating System

General Purpose OS: Windows & Linux
Mobile OS: Android, Windows 8, IOS, J2ME
Embedded OS: Win CE, Embedded Linux

Custom Software Development


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